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NVT Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty
NVT warrants that the product conforms to NVT’s applicable published specifications and is free of defects and workmanship, for the life of the product.

In the event that any product is damaged or altered or modified without the express written consent of NVT, any warranty for those products will cease and NVT will have no further liability as it pertains to those products. NVT assumes no responsibility for damages or penalties incurred resulting from the use of this product in a manner or location other than for which it is intended.

NVT’s liability under any warranties shall be discharged by replacing or repairing any part or parts which do not conform to the applicable warranty under normal and proper use. NVT’s liability with respect to any product shall not exceed a refund of the price received by NVT for that product, and in no event shall NVT have any liability for any incidental, consequential, special, or indirect damages.