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NV-EC-04 & NV-LNK-02
Ethernet over Coax Media Converters and Extenders

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The EC-Link and EC4 media converters support the IP end points leveraging the CLEER or EC10 switches. In addition, the EC-Link can be easily converted to become an Ethernet extender, with an EC-Link at the base unit and an additional media converter - either another EC-Link or EC4 - at the other end.

If required, the media converters can be locally powered to deliver additional power to the IEEE compliant IP end point.

  • Quick, easy and cost effective IP migration

  • Energy efficient, consuming less than one watt of power per EC-Link

  • EC-Link can become an Ethernet extender and paired with another media converter (EC-Link or EC4) to create a single run solution


    ECLink and EC4

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